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Changing a Slit in an Ocean Insight Ocean HDX Miniature Spectrometer

From changing a slit to measuring lamp output, Ocean Optics offers spectral measurement tips to help ensure reliable results. Start with these helpful hints, then visit our Support and Technical Hub sections for more.

Ocean Optics offers tech tips, measurement pointers and other insights gleaned from more than three decades of experience helping customers solve measurement challenges using spectroscopy.

Here’s How to …

Spectrometers with our interchangeable slit feature allow you to easily adjust the resolution and sensitivity of your spectrometer to optimize your measurement, or to switch between different types of measurements.

The smallest item in your lab is one of the most important. In this post, you’ll learn the materials used in collimating lenses, how to determine spot size and focal length, and when to use an achromatic lens.

From practicing reliable measurement protocols to selecting the application-appropriate sampling accessories and reflectance standards, this blog post covers the ins and outs of reflectance measurements.

You have an irradiance calibrated spectrometer and are ready to start measuring the output power of your lamp. In this post, we guide you through the steps to take in OceanView software for irradiance measurements, including how to convert the standard units produced in OceanView to the power units of interest.

Modular spectroscopy systems perform only as well as the sum of their parts. That’s one lesson of this post on cuvette-based absorbance measurements using the Square One cuvette holder, which offers snug cuvette fit to minimize sampling errors.

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Options available

Interchangeable Slits allow users to adjust spectrometer slit width on the fly and more easily manage measurement flexibility.

Prices From $259.00

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Collimating Lenses allow users to control the field of view, collection efficiency and spatial resolution of their setup, and to configure illumination and collection angles for sampling.

Prices From $287.00

Options available

Reflectance standards are available for diffuse or specular reflectance applications. To ensure best results, select a standard with reflectivity comparable to the sample to be measured.

Prices From $468.00

Options available

Square One General Purpose Cuvette Holders are available for absorbance and fluorescence sampling requirements.

Prices From $713.00

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