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Laura Mayor-Cabrera Quality Manager

... I have always felt that I am part of the team.

I have had a rewarding career and even though I am part of a minority group as a Latin woman, I have never felt that I cannot do something because of it. I don’t think of it as being an obstacle, I have always felt that I am part of the team. I know I may have to put an extra effort into either studying or training to be at par but it is all part of the great journey of being a woman.

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Celebrating Women's History Month

Q: Knowing you have a daughter, if she becomes interested in science or technology as a career, what advice would you give her?

It will be wonderful. I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree, so I will definitely show her the importance of the sciences and technology. I will get her involved in STEM education as it is critical to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. So what advice I would give her: Go for it! I will support her in any and every way I can.

Q: Thank you, Laura.

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