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Reflectance Standards

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Ocean Insight offers specular and diffuse reflectance standards for measurements of various types of sample surfaces. Reflectance measurements are a ratio of the reflected light spectrum to the incident light spectrum. Since there is no way to directly collect all of the light incident on a surface, reflectivity is usually measured relative to a reference standard. To ensure best results, the standard selected should be similar in reflectivity to the sample to be measured.


  • Diffusing materials – choose from PTFE or Spectralon standards
  • Specular reflectance standards -- aluminum mirror on fused silica substrate
  • High reflectivity over broad range – >95% reflectivity from 250-2200 nm
  • Additional options – other Spectralon reflectance standards and targets also available


Subject to change depending on model type


Diffusing Material:
Reflectance Material:
Al mirror on fused silica substrate
"~85%-90% (250-800 nm) ~85%-98% (800-2500 nm) "
Spectral Range:
250-2000 nm
Dimensions (Housing):
38 mm OD x 19 mm height
Dimensions (Substrate):
31.75 mm OD x 6.35 mm height
Housing Material:
40 g

Measurement techniques