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Filter Holders

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Inline filter holders from Ocean Insight are sturdy, convenient accessories for measuring the absorbance and transmission of optical filters and solid samples. Several options are available depending on your application needs.


  • Convenient – ideal for measurement of optical filters
  • Flexible holders – accommodate filters of varying diameter and thickness
  • Fiber optic – holders couple easily to optical fibers 


Subject to change depending on model type


50.6 mm x 140 mm x 43.1 mm (LWH)
Maximum Filter Diameter:
12.7 mm
Maximum Filter Thickness:
6 mm
Assembly Base:
Assembly Collimating Lenses:
Quartz lenses (2), 5 mm diameter, f/2
Distance from center of light beam to sample:
~0.575 mm
Integrated Light Source:
Lens Connectors:
SMA 905
Number of Filters:
Accepts filters up to 9 mm total thickness (e.g., three 3 mm filters); includes two separators to place between filters
Optimal Fiber Diameter:
200 µm and larger core diameter
Size of Light Beam at Sample:
~5 mm (circular)
Wavelength Range:
200nm - 2μm
240 g