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Optical Filters

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Ocean Insight makes available high-quality glass filters that absorb light energy in certain regions of the spectra. These OF2 series filters fit easily into our light sources, cuvette holders and sample holders for a variety of applications.

  • High-pass filters often are used to block second orders, test for stray light and block excitation energy in fluorescence and Raman experiments.
  • Balancing filters absorb energy in some regions while transmitting in others. 
  • Bandpass filters transmit a particular wavelength range while rejecting energies higher and lower than the selected range.


  • Multiple options – selections include high-pass, low-pass and balancing filters
  • Convenient – filters install easily into the optical path of your spectrometer setup
  • Glass material – precision absorbing filters for visible wavelength region


Subject to change depending on model type


Multiple colors
12.7 mm OD round
Filters Included:
N-WG 295, N-WG 305, N-WG 320, L 37, GG 400, GG 420, GG 435, GG 455
Filter Type:
Balancing Filters
Maximum Filter Diameter:
12.5 mm diameter
Colored glass
Transmitting/Rejecting Wavelength Regions:
>325 nm and <700 nm
Transmitting Wavelength Regions Specification:
Enhanced blue and red
Wavelength Range:
190nm - 1.7μm

Measurement techniques