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Make Ocean Lab Services an extension of your technology team for challenges requiring sophisticated solutions.

Our Consultancy option offers the full serving of custom solutions capabilities: 

  • system evaluation and design
  • collaboration with your engineering team/integration partners
  • training and design studies

Whether you're looking for deeper understanding of an Ocean Insight system, are planning an important study with questions still unanswered, or need help on a new development project, we can be your in-house expert. 

Schedule digital training through web video or have us visit your site. Talk to us about your application or experimental ideas and get recommendations from world-class scientists across a variety of disciplines. Because sometimes even an expert needs an expert.

Available Assistance

Example of Conducted Studies 

  • Education and Research - Find the pathlength of your sample
  • Biological and Life Sciences - Discover where your protein peaks occur
  • Environmental and Energy - Adopt the best probe for field testing
  • Safety and Security - Determine Raman activity of your taggant molecule
  • Food and Agriculture - Learn how to optically differentiate food ingredients
  • Industrial Processes - See MIR activity of organics in your process stream
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Ocean Lab Services Techniques

  • Absorbance
  • Reflectance
  • Transmission
  • Fluorescence/Phosphorescence
  • Raman/SERS
  • LIBS
  • Thin Film Characterization 


  • Technology Evaluation
  • System Development
  • Optical Development
  • Sensor Design
  • Fiber Design
  • Flow Cell Configuration
  • Microtiter Wells
  • Process Probes
  • Custom Housings
  • Advanced Analytics
research and evaluation
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All You Need is a Question

Ocean Lab Services is the bridge between defining your toughest challenges and providing the tools and insight to solve them.

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