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Manufacturing Tradeshow

Manufacturing tradeshow event

Ocean Insight offers robust, scalable sensing tools, and application knowledge, design and engineering expertise, to help manufacturers navigate process challenges.

In this demo, we use an Ocean HDX high-sensitivity spectrometer as part of a microfluidics system for protein analysis. Learn how this spectral setup can be embedded into a process stream, capture real-time protein concentration values, and then convert the data into answers meaningful to the user.

Continuous, Online Monitoring of Proteins Using UV Absorbance

Hardware Used in the Protein Monitoring Demo:

OCEAN-HDX-UV-VIS High performance, low stray light, ideal for UV absorbance

LDC-1 and LSM-280A Feature-rich controller enabling extensive LED control

QP450-1-XSR (qty 2) Extreme solarization-resistant fiber to avoid degradation with UV exposure

FIA-Z-SMA-PEEK-LENSED Lensed flow cell version for higher throughput, PEEK for chemical resistance

FIA-PUMP-C – Small-footprint peristaltic pump for use with flow cells

For more information on these and other products, visit the product pages below.

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Serek Guenther

Derek Guenther


"There’s a critical bridge between creativity and science. And that connection really feeds into the idea of discovering what can be done that was not done before."

This is such an exciting time for spectroscopy because of rapid advancements in both hardware and software, and because of the collaborative fusion between hardware and software that’s driving amazing leaps across industries.

Ocean has always offered world-class hardware that gets better year-on-year, and now we’re taking the next step to pull the most insight from those devices.


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