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Latest News

Happy Chinese New Year to our friends, colleagues, and customers as the 2023 celebrations begin. May the year ahead bring longevity, peace, and prosperity!

Tune in as our experts discuss the use of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for sorting aluminum and other scrap materials.

SpeedSorter™, LIBS-based system for in-line, nonferrous metal scrap sorting in industrial environments is nominated for a 2023 Prism Award.

New Products

The new Ocean HR2 spectrometers provide reliable performance with rapid acquisition speed and excellent thermal stability for UV-Vis-NIR applications.

Our new industrial, high-throughput, in-line sorting technology is ideal for aluminum and nonferrous metals recycling.

Next-generation ST microspectrometers deliver excellent spectral performance in a compact footprint.

Latest Case Studies

Ocean Insight teamed with GlobalFoundries, a supplier of semiconductor solutions, to improve processes in support of emerging electronics technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things

Ocean Insight and Georgia Aquarium team up to create better habitats by exploring light and its impact on aquatic environments

Ocean Insight and a leading U.S. pediatric hospital have teamed to monitor the output of UV disinfection lamps that extend the life of critical personal protective equipment (PPE)