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Enabling the Future of Diagnostics with Spectroscopy

From blood gas and RNA/DNA analysis to pathogen detection, we offer spectral technologies that help extract meaningful data quickly and accurately from measurements to drive productivity, reduce risk and improve outcomes. Our spectrometers enable effective, noninvasive application of reliable techniques including absorbance, fluorescence, and Raman.

Streamlining Measurement Diagnostics for Point of Care Testing

Learn how spectroscopy is helping to improve patient outcomes.

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Advantages of Optical Sensing

  • Real-time measurements
  • Fast results
  • Less invasive 
  • Portable and reliable performance in any environment



  • Protein Measurements
  • Blood Analysis
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Biomedical Diagnostics
  • Customized to Fit POC Device


Build Faster, Smarter Diagnostics Instruments

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Spectrometers to Reduce Risk, Optimize Output and Improve Quality

Ocean ST Microspectrometers

Ultra-compact device with great UV response and high SNR

Ocean SR Series Spectrometers

High-sensitivity and excellent SNR and UV response

QE Pro-Raman+ Spectrometers

High-sensitivity, low noise spectrometer for Raman

Ocean HR Series Spectrometers

High resolution and thermal stability with rapid data acquisition speed

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