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With demand for faster, more accurate diagnostics, medical and life sciences pros require analytical insights and tools that are smarter, simpler and more robust.

In this demo, we use high-sensitivity surfaced-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for rapid detection of a COVID-19 antibody. Learn how SERS substrates can be integrated into modular setups, when to use standard substrates or liquid SERS, and how a few simple tips will ensure best results.

COVID-19 Antibody Detection

In this demo, we use surfaced-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for rapid detection of a COVID-19 antibody. Learn how SERS substrates are integrated into setups, when to use standard or liquid SERS, and how a few simple tips ensure best results.

Hardware Used in the Antibody Detection Demo:

QEPRO-RAMAN+ – High performance instrument, our most sensitive Raman spectrometer

LASER-785-LAB-ADJ-FC  Laser with adjustable power to avoid burning samples

RIP-RPB-785-FC-SMA Ready-to-go probe for Raman; just point and measure

RM-SERS-SHS Sample holder designed for simple, secure coupling to SERS substrates

RAM-SERS-AU-5 Gold nanoparticle substrates for trace-level detection

RM-LQ-SHS Vial holder for Raman samples with flexibility to work with a range of vial sizes

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Serek Guenther

Derek Guenther


"There’s a critical bridge between creativity and science. And that connection really feeds into the idea of discovering what can be done that was not done before."

This is such an exciting time for spectroscopy because of rapid advancements in both hardware and software, and because of the collaborative fusion between hardware and software that’s driving amazing leaps across industries.

Ocean has always offered world-class hardware that gets better year-on-year, and now we’re taking the next step to pull the most insight from those devices.


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