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Safety & Security Tradeshow

Medical & Life Sciences Tradeshow

Authorities today face an evolving landscape of safety challenges. Ocean Insight teams with officials to deliver fast, accurate detection solutions for safety and security.

In this demo, we use our super-fast Ocean FX spectrometer and high-power LED light sources with controller to measure both steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence of phosphors. These materials are important for life-saving uses including safety markings in buildings and on highways.

Characterizing Safety Materials Using Phosphorescence

In this video, we use the super-fast Ocean FX spectrometer and our high-power LED light sources to measure both steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence of phosphors. These materials are important for lighting, safety and display applications.

Hardware Used in the Phosphorescence Demo:

LDC-1 and LSM-365A and LSM-405A High-power LEDs and feature-rich controller for extensive LED control

OCEAN-FX-XR1 Fastest Ocean Insight spectrometer

QR400-7-VIS-NIR Convenient fiber optic probe for measuring fluorescence from solids and surfaces

STAGE Great holder/fixture accessory for securing the probe above the sample

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Derek Guenther


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Ocean has always offered world-class hardware that gets better year-on-year, and now we’re taking the next step to pull the most insight from those devices.


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