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Ocean Insight Launches SpeedSorter™ at ISRI 2022

  • Metal Analyzers

Ocean Insight's newest innovation for manufacturing environments is an industrial, high-throughput, in-line sorting technology ideal for aluminum and nonferrous separations.

Rochester, New York, USA (March 2022) – Ocean Insight, the applied spectral knowledge company, has launched the SpeedSorter™ — an industrial, LIBS-based sensor designed for integration into high-speed, scrap metal sorting systems. The SpeedSorter will debut at the ISRI Convention & Exposition 2022, the scrap metal recycling industry’s largest event, from March 21-23 in Las Vegas, Nev., at booth #1747.

With metal prices soaring and circular-economy recycling initiatives taking hold globally, the importance of precise aluminum class and alloy separations has never been more pressing or potentially lucrative. Using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), the SpeedSorter enables precision sorting at high speeds and high purity. LIBS is a technology used to identify and quantify metals, and it is highly useful for sorting nonferrous metals with lower atomic numbers such as aluminum, lithium, magnesium, copper nickel and zinc.

“Aluminum and other nonferrous metals are in high demand and this is driving the need for faster, more precise sorting of aluminum throughout the world,” explains Steve Buckley, General Manager for Ocean Insight’s Applied Systems group. “The SpeedSorter is designed to be an expandable, lane-based LIBS sensing system with the capability of accurately sorting up to 5 tons per hour given the right material presentation.”

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