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Spectroscopy Star Contest

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OI employee Cataract Diagnosis

Ocean Insight Announces Contest To Highlight Those Making The World A Cleaner, Healthier, Safer Place Using Spectroscopy

TAMPA, Fla.Nov. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ocean Insight, a leader in optical sensing technologies, has launched its 2019 "Spectroscopy Star" contest to showcase the ways that Ocean's spectroscopy equipment is used to improve lives and the planet in a wide array of industries and applications.

Last year's first prize winners were two doctors from the University of Ghent, Dr. Joris DeLanghe and Dr. Elisabeth Van Aken, who invented an improved way to diagnose and assess cataracts, the leading cause of blindness, using fluorescence spectroscopy.

Second runner up in 2018 was Dan Burns, a physics teacher at Los Gatos High School in the San Francisco Bay area of California who uses spectrometers to spark student curiosity about phenomena they can't readily explain.

Third runner up was Kylah Blough, Lakeland Christian School student who used spectroscopy to explore how butterflies, who see in ultraviolet light, see each other and how that may impact communication.

The contest is open to anyone using an Ocean Insight product, including Ocean Insight OEMs, Distributors, Customers and Partners. To enter the 2019 contest, customers must submit a short video explaining how they are making the world a cleaner, healthier or safer place using spectroscopy.

Tracey Jones, the brainchild behind the Spectroscopy Star, says: "Every day at Ocean Insight we have the privilege of learning new ways that you, our partners in spectroscopy, are using our products and spectral knowledge to discover new innovative ways of unlocking the unknown. The Spectroscopy Star competition has created an opportunity to bring those stories to the world, to inspire and highlight how our customers are using applied spectral knowledge to change the world for the better."

For the 2019 contest, five finalists will be selected. Prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize: $3000 Ocean Insight equipment credit
Second Place: $2000 Ocean Insight equipment credit
Third Place: $1000 Ocean Insight equipment credit
Fourth Place: $500 Ocean Insight equipment credit
Fifth Place: $500 Ocean Insight equipment credit

Each participant will receive a special gift for submitting an entry. Finalists will be featured in a "Customer Spotlight" video, to be produced by Ocean Insight staff and posted on their website.

This contest supports Ocean Insight's mission to work with customers to advance optical sensing product innovation and create custom solutions that apply and advance spectral knowledge.

The contest ends January 31, 2020.

For full contest rules, visit, the official contest page.

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