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As Ocean Insight, we’re assembling the capacity to help customers define pressing challenges and deliver answers that promote a safer, cleaner, healthier future. This requires strength in product design and development, expertise across multiple disciplines and industries, and the biggest investment of all – people – to encourage collaboration and propel solutions.

Our Board

"The thing that excites me most about the future of Ocean Insight is being able to work with this team, all of our wonderful employees, and to create a path of growth."

Martha Gomez, Vice President People & Culture

"A foundation of who I am is being accepting of other people [because I knew what it was like to not be]. In my role today, I hope I’m helping others do the same and I often challenge those who are not."

"Our customers might not know how much our operations employees care about them. Our teams really care about how they are making a difference in the world by producing Ocean’s product."

Rui Lopes

Rui Lopes, Chief Financial Officer

"We can learn a great deal from the past, but, what really shapes the future, is what we do today. And, yes, we can make the world better every day."

"I joined Ocean Insight believing that there would be no better place to innovate in photonics than at such an iconic company. That has been 100% true."

"Tech with purpose. It’s not just cool technology, it’s technology that’s trying to do something amazing – for us, the environment, for others. When people, technology and a clear sense of purpose come together – that’s an exciting place to be."

In Their Own Words: The People of Ocean Insight

The role that I’m in currently is very client-focused. This is a good thing. I love working with people to solve their problems.

Tracey Jones

Tracey Jones, Senior Graphic Designer

"Bringing our customers’ stories into the light helps to inspire the brilliance in others to bring positive change to our world in new and innovative ways."

"I love to work at Ocean as my colleagues are always engaged to improve our processes, systems and culture. We work in an environment of high energy and positive attitude to delight our customers."

"I have had a rewarding career and even though I am part of a minority group as a Latin woman, I have never felt that I cannot do something because of it."

"I want the customer to have such a good experience with us that they’d recommend Ocean Insight to a friend or colleague."

"The most rewarding part of my work at Ocean Insight is the ‘Insight Inside’ moments."

If you’re searching for the common denominator that makes Ocean Insight different, it’s undoubtedly the people doing the work. They’re not inventing machines, Ocean Insight is inventing new kinds of applied science alongside their customers. It’s enabling people to do incredible things

Tim Prestidge, Divisional Chief Executive - Halma plc (parent company of Ocean Insight)

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