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Teresa Qian, Product Marketing Manager at Ocean Insight Asia

In this profile, we meet Teresa Qian, a Product Marketing Manager for Ocean Insight Asia. Teresa discusses her role as a marketer, the impact of spectroscopy in the world, and life in China during a pandemic.

Q: Teresa, can you share a bit about your background? 

Before I joined Ocean Insight, I worked at a chemical and food laboratory for over five years. I have a lot of experience with analytical chemistry, which has inspired me to apply spectrometers in different fields, and has helped me understand how to compare spectroscopy with other technologies. 

Q: What does your typical day look like at Ocean Insight?

In my first two years, I worked as an Application Engineer. Talking to customers as a professional can show them our technical and [market] segment advantages, which will make customers confident to use Ocean spectrometers. Also, we arrange internal and external application training on a regular basis, which helps our sales colleagues and distributors find out about novel application fields and how our spectrometers help them to penetrate new research trends and industrial segments.  

In 2017, my role was changed from technical to product marketing. This was a big challenge. Fortunately, however, my technical background helped me a lot. Paying close attention to spectroscopy markets and competitor products, and knowing how both our new and mature spectrometers can compete in local markets and win, are becoming more and more important in my daily work.  

Q: In your experience, how does spectroscopy make a difference in the world? 

Before I joined Ocean, I knew only about spectrophotometers, which are big and can be only used in a lab. At that time, spectroscopy was widely used in chemical analysis. But now, bio applications are developing at top speed. Non-contact testing and no extra chemical solvents make optical technology more and more popular. With development of algorithms and computer science, optical applications will be used more often in the future. Compared with a spectrophotometer, a spectrometer is tiny and can be integrated into many research and industrial systems as a precise component to achieve the desired versatility.  

Q: During the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, our Winter Park, Florida, production facility was able to supply Ocean Insight employees in China with face masks. Now, you're returning the favor. What's that been like?

Conquering an epidemic has no borders. During the peak cases and tough restrictions in ChinaWinter Park sent masks to help us to conquer the virus. At that time, we were in Spring Festival holidays, and no factories and pharmacies were opened to provide so many masks.  

We are family. We cannot forget our colleagues' help and we should help them as best as we can. When the U.S. was more restricted and cases were rising fast we sent masks to Winter ParkWe hope that we can work together to get through the hard times. 

Q: What has life been like in China during the pandemic? 

Everything was slowing down. After two months of great effort, China has recovered and life is returning to normalcy. Our life is becoming more normal, and we can enjoy our best restaurants and shopping malls again now. Outdoor attractions are opened too, and we can enjoy nature and sunshine at any time. 

Q: Do you have any tips on how to work from home effectively? 

When your home Internet is not as stable as your office, you can use your 5G phone for enjoying faster Internet speed. But primarily, make sure your phone has all the required apps and is up to date. On the other hand, your phone can be used as a Personal Hotspot to help you to use your laptop easily.

Thank you for your perspective.  

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