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BiOS/Photonics West 2020 Preview

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco at Dusk

Ocean Insight unveils its newest innovations at the photonics industry’s largest event. Visit us at BiOS, Feb. 1-2, Booth #8202 and Photonics West, Feb. 4-6, Booth #1127.

Discover Applied Spectral Knowledge (ASK) at BiOS/Photonics West 2020.

ASK is a winning combination of innovative spectroscopy equipment, software and on-demand data delivery backed by deep category expertise.


Live Experiments at BiOS

From surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) to modular absorbance and fluorescence techniques, Ocean Insight technologies are paving a path to faster, more accurate detection and diagnostics.

  • We demonstrate how novel Ocean Insight SERS substrates can be used for trace detection of analytes including pesticides and fungicides.

  • Characterizing the biomolecule phenylalanine using absorbance and fluorescence is the objective of a demo that shows both an integrated system (FLAME-CHEM) and a modular setup (the new extended-wavelength range Ocean HDX-XR).

New Products and Complete Solutions at PW 2020

New Products

  • NanoQuest is a compact, MEMS-based FT-IR spectral sensor for materials analysis. This wide-range system covers 1350-2500 nm (7400-4000 cm-1).

  • An extended-wavelength range option for the Ocean HDX spectrometer is now available. The high-performance Ocean HDX-XR covers 200-1100 nm.

  • New software options include a smoother, more robust version of OceanView spectroscopy software and a powerful machine learning tool, Ocean Intelligence, that turns complex spectral data sets into the answers customers need.

  • The QE Pro-Raman+ is an extra-high sensitivity, back-thinned CCD array spectrometer for low light level applications.
OceanHDX Spectrometer
Spectroscopy-based sensors can be utilized not only in semiconductor deposition and etching processes, but also for chamber sterilization. These tools help to optimize wafer yields and quality.

Benedict Delahunty, Senior Etch Equipment Engineer - GlobalFoundries


By drawing on expertise including systems development, engineering and design, we provide intensive customer collaboration on highly precise challenges across many industries.

  • Our Liquid Transmission Measurement System is an industrial solution for real-time spectral monitoring of liquids such as dye baths.

  • Fully realized solutions development examples on display include a rack-mounted Raman well plate reader and an automated sampling system that demonstrates calibration modeling of spectral results with Ocean Intelligence machine learning.

Special Events

Ocean Insight Young Investigator Award

The winner of the 2020 Ocean Insight Young Investigator Award will be announced on Monday, Feb. 3 at 4:20 p.m. (PT) in Room 304 (Level 3 South) of the Moscone C.C. Ocean Insight has sponsored the Young Investigator Award since 2005 and has long supported young scientists from around the world through sponsorships, grant programs and partnerships.

Photonics West 2020 Special Offer

Stop by Booth #1127 for details on an exclusive show offer.

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