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Three Great Alternatives to USB Spectrometers

Flame FX HDX Hero

Today’s flagship spectrometers from Ocean Insight – the Flame, Ocean HDX and Ocean FX models – offer all the best features of our longtime USB2000+/USB4000 series spectrometers, but with better performance and greater versatility, at lower cost.

Ocean Insight USB series spectrometers have performed at a high level over a remarkable two-decade run, ranking them among the most popular spectrometers ever. The innovations that customer demand has inspired over the years – including improvements to optical benches, more robust optoelectronics and replaceable slits -- are today reflected in the three superior spectrometers comprising our flagship UV-Vis-NIR product offerings. 

Explore the Power of Modular Spectrometers

Best for ... Suitable Spectrometer Performance Characteristics Configuration Options
  • General-purpose 
  • Flexibility 
  • Integration 


  • High thermal stability
  • Low unit-to-unit variability
  • Shortwave NIR 
  • Teaching lab versions
  • Preconfigured 
  • Custom configured
  • Shortwave NIR (900-1700 nm)
  • Built-in cuvette holder
  • High-sensitivity
  • High AU concentration measurements
  • Absolute color accuracy
  • Integration
Ocean HDX
  • High optical resolution
  • Peak symmetry
  • Low stray light


  • Preconfigured 
  • High-speed in-line processes
  • Light-flicker measurements
  • Reaction monitoring
Ocean FX
  • Fast acquisition
  • Onboard processing
  • Industry-desired communications 
  • Preconfigured
  • Custom configured


Thanks to the spectrometer I can easily measure the cataracts in five seconds.

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Van Aken - AZ Sint-Elisabeth Hospital, Belgium

Great Alternatives to USB Spectrometers

Options available

Robust preconfigured spectrometer for UV-Visible (200-850 nm) measurements

From $3,565.00

Obtaining accurate, repeatable assessments of dermal characteristics is the key to many studies into the efficacy and impact of ingested and topical drugs affecting pigmentation.

Options available

Preconfigured Ocean HDX Spectrometers

From $6,394.00

No matter what specific biological test one may be dealing with, UV absorbance is commonly used to determine the concentration of a constituent.

Options available

Preconfigured Ocean FX UV-VIS (200-850 nm) Spectrometer

From $4,768.00

Photoluminescent materials have been harnessed for many practical and life-saving uses beyond children’s toys.

Tracey Jones Graphic designer

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