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analytica 2022 Preview

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Join Ocean Insight from June 21-24, 2022, in Munich for analytica, the popular laboratory technology and analysis trade fair. Visit stand A2.103 to see new products including the high-performance Ocean SR2 spectrometer.

Join us at analytica 2022 as we showcase new spectroscopy products and live demos. Ocean Insight invites you to leverage our expertise to take on application challenges across different research disciplines and industries. Here’s just some of what to expect:

NEW! SR2 Spectrometer. Ocean Insight is excited to introduce the SR2 spectrometer, which provides high-speed spectral acquisition and delivers excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance. The Ocean SR2 spectrometer is ideally suited for applications including high light level experiments, plasma monitoring, and absorbance measurements that benefit from the instrument’s high SNR (380:1) performance. Ocean SR2’s combination of speed (integration times to 10 µs) and SNR provides versatility without the trade-offs typical of comparable spectrometers.

NEW! Next-generation Microspectrometer. We’ll unveil a new microspectrometer family that delivers excellent spectral performance in an ultra-compact footprint. With high-speed spectral acquisition, excellent signal-to-noise and high optical resolution performance, these instruments offer versatility for research and industrial applications from DNA absorbance to laser characterization.

High-sensitivity Raman Spectrometer. Designed with gold-coated mirrors and a back-thinned FFT-CCD detector, QE Pro-Raman+ spectrometers offer a low noise floor even at long integration times. The ability to deliver sharp peaks from weak Raman signals makes QE Pro-Raman+ spectrometers an excellent choice for Raman analysis of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, explosives and organic materials. On display at analytica will be the QE Pro-Raman+ for 785 nm analysis.


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Learn how effectively the Ocean SR2 spectrometer performs when measuring the absorbance of optical filters and potassium dichromate solution standards.

To demonstrate the performance of the QE Pro-Raman+, we measured various organic solvents. Organic solvents have strong Raman scattering characteristics and work well in evaluating system performance parameters.

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