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BiOS/Photonics West 2021 Preview

Ocean Insight Laser Booth

The photonics industry’s largest event has gone digital. Visit Ocean Insight virtually from March 6-11, 2021, as we showcase product demos and more in the BiOS/Photonics West Digital Marketplace.

In addition to live plenary talks and technical presentations, the BiOS/Photonics West Digital Marketplace will connect attendees to Ocean Insight and more than 200 other companies. Here’s what to expect from us:

Live Demos

Continuous, Online Monitoring of Proteins Using UV Absorbance

Featured product: Ocean HDX high-sensitivity spectrometer
Presenter: Derek Guenther, Senior Application Scientist

COVID-19 Antibody Detection with Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

Featured products: QE Pro-Raman+ high-sensitivity spectrometer; SERS substrates
Presenter: Derek Guenther, Senior Application Scientist

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New Products

Significant enhancements to key spectrometers, a new option for NIR measurements, and an industrial-grade transmission measurement system are among our recent innovations:

Performance enhancements and streamlined options have boosted popular spectrometer series including the high-resolution HR4Pro; the improved-sensitivity NIRQuest+; and the QE Pro-Raman+, a 785 nm Raman spectrometer that combines with SERS substrates for trace level detection of viruses and other challenging analytes.

NanoQuest is a MEMS-based FT-IR spectrometer that provides extended spectral range (1350-2500 nm) and exceptional performance in a package that’s considerably smaller and more accessible than traditional lab-based instrumentation.
NanoQuest in action: Identifying Textiles with Extended-range FT-NIR Spectroscopy

The LTMS Liquid Transmission Measurement System provides real-time, in-line monitoring of liquids including industrial dyes and plating baths, ingredients in foods and beverages, and chemical coatings for metals. The industrial-grade system includes automatic fluid handling capabilities and utilizes machine learning algorithms for detailed spectral analysis.
Bonus Material: In-Line Spectral Monitoring Gets Ready to Shine

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High-sensitivity NIR spectrometers for applications within the 900-1650 nm, 900-2120 nm and 900-2450 nm wavelength ranges

Also New and Notable

  • BiOS/Photonics West isn’t the only online venue for Ocean Insight on-demand demos. Visit our Virtual Tradeshow space for experiments involving virus antigens, phosphors, proteins and soil samples.

  • We welcomed local dignitaries and other guests for a Feb. 24, 2021, ribbon-cutting ceremony and tour of our new 52,000-square-foot facility in Orlando, Fla. The building is nearly double the size of the previous space, adding manufacturing capacity, improving production flexibility and serving as the company’s corporate headquarters.

Learn more about our new 52,000-square-foot facility in Orlando, Florida. The building is part of the Central Florida Research Park near the flourishing University of Central Florida, and is distinguished by its modern design, multiple labs, and flexible assembly and operations areas.

View our online versions of tradeshow demonstrations. Each exhibit features our products for applications ranging from soil analysis to virus detection.

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