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Visit the Ocean Optics Technical Hub for instant access to information about spectroscopy methods, techniques and use cases. This rich resource includes application examples, interactive tools, and technical guidance.

Here are just some of the tools available at the Technical Hub:

For Insight into Measurement Techniques

From absorbance to transmittance, each measurement technique section includes some combination of an overview, how-to videos and technical details, sample spectrometer setup products with illustrations, case studies and application notes, and relevant product sheets. Here are the most popular techniques:

* Includes video.

For Insight into Applications and Experiments

Browse our library of more than 40 application notes, tech tips and hints, and teaching lab curricula – all of it available for immediate download, without the hassle of extra forms to fill out. We also recommend searching our blog and websites such as ScienceDirect, Google Scholar and others for the thousands of papers featuring Ocean Insight spectrometers.

  • Application Notes – covering topics ranging from academic research to safety and security
  • Curricula – how-to material for experiments using Ocean Insight spectrometers
  • Hints & Tips – helpful insights honed over three decades of experience in modular spectroscopy
  • Recently Published – a compilation of open-access and other technical papers featuring Ocean Insight spectrometers

For Help with Spectroscopy Terms

Not sure about the terms for all the sources of noise in your spectra? Or the difference between Quick View and Scope Mode in software? Peruse our Glossary of more than 100 terms for the answers.

Additional Useful Resources

The Technical Hub isn’t your only source for useful information. Here are several other places you can browse at our website for helpful tips:

  • Blog – Visit our blog for the latest on products and applications, with new material posted weekly. Subscribe to our blog for in-box delivery of news you can use.

  • Customer Support – Need information on our terms and conditions, three-year spectrometer warranty, or product certifications? These and other materials are available here.

  • Documents & Manuals – Your source for operating instructions, mechanical drawings and more.

  • Videos – Enjoy our how-to, application setup, and product overview videos.

  • FAQs – Frequently asked questions covering topics including calibration (spectral and radiometric), measurements and software.

  • Software Downloads – Installers for desktop applications, device drivers and programming tools.

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