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In-line Spectral Monitoring Gets Ready to Shine

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Color Measurement
Inline Spectral Monitoring Diagram

Physics World Magazine wrote an article "In-line spectral monitoring gets ready to shine" on behalf of Ocean Insight in June 2020. The following are excerpts from the published article.

The LTMS Liquid Transmission Measurement System is a spectroscopy-based system for real-time, in-line monitoring of liquids for the consumer electronics and food processing industries.

  • LTMS can be configured as a complete, factory-ready monitoring system or can be integrated into existing “smart factory” systems.

  • LTMS is excellent for maintaining color consistency on a 24/7 basis in consumer electronics and monitoring concentration levels of food-industry samples such as wax coatings that protect citrus.

  • LTMS offers a convenient, time-saving, in-line alternative to manually intensive instruments and time-consuming practices for monitoring process flows. 

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The LTMS can be used to make sure concentration levels are within a certain tolerance to meet health and safety requirements, while high enough to maintain a level of effectiveness.

Scott Scargle - Director of Strategic Marketing, Ocean Insight

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