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Shining a Light on Photons

  • Laser & Photonics
  • Absorbance
Abstract photo of a photon shape.

From their creation as particles to their journey through Ocean Optics spectrometers, photons travel a well-ordered path to becoming spectra. Explore what photons are up to inside our spectrometers.

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How do photons make their way in an Ocean Insight spectrometer? We describe the path each photon takes, bringing us closer to our next insight. Download the poster ->

How Does a Spectrometer Work?

In this video animation, follow the journey photons take as they encounter components within the spectrometer optical bench, undergoing various processes before becoming a spectrum.

Insight Bites: Oliver Lischtschenko

The latest in our new video series “Insight Bites” features scientist, philosopher, and collaborator with many of Germany‘s top researchers, Oliver Lischtschenko, Ph.D.

The photons used in spectroscopy encounter many components and undergo a variety of processes before registering as a spectrum on the screen. What happens to these photons once they enter an Ocean Optics spectrometer?

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