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Spectral Monitoring of River and Lake Ecosystems

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In the July/August 2022 BioPhotonics article “Spectral Monitoring Reveals the Health of River and Lake Ecosystems,” we explored how spectrometers can monitor key environmental parameters associated with rivers and lakes.

Modern spectrometers provide users with the means to monitor environmental parameters with more immediacy and greater flexibility than ever. We explored these issues in greater depth (no pun intended) in the article now available here:

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Among those who contributed to the article were Derek Guenther, Oliver Lischtschenko and Yvette Mattley of Ocean Insight; Andreas Burkart and Tommaso Julitta of JB Hyperspectral; Anje Höhne of the University of Western Australia; and Senta Gaißinger of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Science in Germany.

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