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Ocean Insight Spectrometers at a Glance

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Ocean Insight spectrometer products

Here’s an overview of Ocean Insight spectrometers, and a few tips to help you choose the best option for your application. Our Application Sales Engineers provide additional insight, and ecommerce offers convenience.

Having choices is great but can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are a few pointers to help you sort through Ocean Insight spectrometer options, plus a table of our most popular models.

Spectrometers Overview

Model/Family Wavelength Range Key Features Applications 
NEW! Ocean SR 200-1100 nm Excellent SNR (380:1) Molecular diagnostics
High-speed spectral acquisition OEM integration
Software developers kit included Plasma monitoring
Ocean FX 200-1100 nm High-speed spectral acquisition Flicker in lighting
Onboard spectral averaging and buffering High-speed process monitoring
Reaction monitoring
Flame-T 200-1100 nm Low unit-to-unit variation All-purpose lab use
Thermal stability Irradiance measurements
NEW! Ocean ST 185-1085 nm Compact size and light weight

Laser characterization

Color measurements

Ideal for integration and scalability Low-concentration absorbance


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Quick Tips

1. Help is available. For a personal consultation, reach out to a Sales Engineer via chat, email or phone. Also, we offer technical information and FAQs in the Support and Technical Hub sections of our website.

2. Understand the terminology. We refer to our spectrometers as custom-configured or preconfigured. With custom-configured spectrometers, you select the grating, slit width and other optical bench accessories. With preconfigured spectrometers, we do the choosing for you, based on our experience configuring thousands of spectrometers.

3. Spectrometer specifications are readily available. Each spectrometer page comprises a description, available models, specifications, pricing and, where applicable, supporting materials including application notes, product sheets, manuals and mechanical drawings. Important note: Specifications and pricing for variations within a spectrometer family are available by clicking the Select Model Here button under the product name. For example, Ocean HDX comes in UV-Visible, Visible-NIR and Extended-range models, each with its own specifications and pricing.

4. Spectrometer price is just a start. Our modular spectrometers comprise just one part of a spectroscopy system. Prices shown for spectrometers are a starting point, as you will need to add some combination of a light source, fibers, sampling accessories and software to complete your system. Alternatively, we do offer single-price, fully realized spectrometer setups – referred to as Measurement Packages or spectrometer bundles – for common applications including absorbance, fluorescence, plasma measurement and Raman analysis. Purchase one of these packages outright or use them as a reference in understanding what components you’ll need for your custom setup.

Model/Family Wavelength Range Key Features Applications 
NEW! Ocean HR2 190-1100 nm High resolution (<1.0 nm FWHM) Plasma monitoring
Low stray light Protein concentration measurements and pharmaceuticals characterization
Thermal stability Semiconductor and industrial monitoring 
Maya2000 Pro 165-1100  nm Excellent UV response Differential optical absorption spectroscopy
High sensitivity Low light-level analysis of biological samples
UV analysis of gases, plasmas
Ocean HDX 200-1100 nm High throughput with low stray light High OD absorbance
Peak symmetry Low light-level applications
Thermal stability Unified color measurement
QE Pro 200-1100 nm High sensitivity DNA sequencing
Onboard spectral buffering Fluorescence of biologicals
Thermal stability w/TEC Raman analysis
Model/Family Wavelength Range Key Features Applications 
Flame-NIR+ 970-1700 nm Accessible pricing Fat content in edible oils
Enhanced sensitivity Hydrocarbon monitoring
Replaceable slits Pharma ingredient analysis
NIRQuest+ 900-2500 nm Enhanced design for lower LOD Differential optical absorption spectroscopy
High sensitivity Chemical concentration
Moisture content in foods
Thermal stability to -20 °C Plastics recycling
Model/Family Wavelength Range Key Features Applications 
Ocean HDX-Raman 150 cm-1 - 3400 cm-1 Accessible pricing Authentication applications
Configured for 785 nm Raman Polymer characterization
Selection of 25 µm or 50  µm slits Teaching lab use
QE Pro-Raman+ 0 cm-1 - 4000 cm-1 Configured for 532 nm, 638 nm or 785 nm Raman analysis

Analysis of pharmaceuticals

High sensitivity Identification of illicit drugs
Thermal stability over long integration times SERS applications
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