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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

  • Medical & Life Sciences
Top 10 in Golden Letters

From absorbance tips to virus detection, the year’s most popular blog posts revealed strong interest in both the everyday and the exceptional of spectroscopy applications.

Here, in reverse order, are the Top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2020.

The list ranges from interactive tools to make your work easier to useful tips for absorbance and NIR measurements.

Solutions partner JB Hyperspectral discusses its work with Ocean Insight and new frontiers in environmental optical monitoring.

Old Flame Spectrometer measuring irradiance

#9. Spectroscopy at Home

In the early days of the pandemic, our colleagues around the world demonstrated how modern spectroscopy knows no bounds.

With COVID-related travel restrictions in place, we created a series of online demos featuring new products and applications.

#6. Absorbance Video Tutorial

In this video, we demonstrate an absorbance measurement, with software instructions and simple tips to ensure best results.

Peruse this high-level view of Ocean Insight NIR spectrometer options, which meet price and performance criteria at every level.

#4. NIRQuest+ Product Overview

Our newest NIR spectrometer has an enhanced optical bench and aperture design for greatly improved spectrometer response.

In this technical tip, we describe how observation of four simple steps ensures reliable absorbance measurement results.

In this post, we explore how surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy has enabled trace level detection of bacteria and viruses.

Medical Professional with a COVID-19 swab test

#1. Guide to COVID-19 Resources

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