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What’s New in Optical Oxygen Sensing

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Learn about recent enhancements to Ocean Optics optical oxygen sensors including a streamlined probe for process environments, expanded feasibility testing options, and new software for NeoFox oxygen systems.

Thanks to advances in sensor materials and optoelectronics, Ocean Optics offers novel optical oxygen sensors for applications in biomedical and life sciences, environmental monitoring, food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals and more. The principle of operation is to trap an oxygen-sensitive fluorophore in a sol-gel host matrix that is applied to the tip of a fiber or an adhesive membrane such as a patch.

Compared with electrochemical sensing techniques such as galvanic sensors, optical oxygen sensors can be made in small and customizable form factors, allow non-intrusive measurements, and do not consume the sample.

What's New in Oxygen Sensing

Industrial Oxygen Probe

  • Rugged ¼” OD probe with integrated thermistor for live temperature feed
  • Single-assembly design for stronger signal and greater liquid resistance
  • Repeatable calibration
  • Compatible with standard process fittings (Swagelok)
Technical drawing of an oxygen sensor probe
NeoFox Viewer screen capture

NeoFox Viewer Software

  • Supports Windows 32/64
  • Improved graphical user interface and visual elements
  • Simpler operation, better responsiveness
  • More robust functions including automatic duty cycle options, data logging and temperature data sharing

Ocean Lab Services

  • Add-on, pre-purchase service for confident decision-making
  • Chemical compatibility testing
  • System configuration feasibility assessment (custom setups)
  • Standard operational test regimes
Oxygen Sensing

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Optical Oxygen Sensing Systems are ideal for biological, environmental, and industrial applications.

Prices From $3,727.00

Options available

Oxygen Sensor Probes range from slender probe assemblies for biomedical applications to rugged, process-ready probes for industrial environments.

Prices From $186.00

Oxygen Sensing Patches are non-invasive, peel-and-stick patches coated with indicator materials. Use these patches in bioreactors, food packaging and more.

Options available

Oxygen Bifurcated Fibers connect your O2 sensor probe to the NeoFox system electronics to complete your setup. Options vary by probe type.

Prices From $617.00

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