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Youth Research Science Fair Promotes Technology Talent

A student using an Ocean Insight spectrometer to measure LED phosphors advanced to the finals of Germany‚Äôs national youth research competition. Nele Drüner won the physics category of her state competition.

Nele Drüner is a high school student in Germany and an intern at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, where her research sponsor is Stefan Wild. Earlier this month, Nele won the State of Lower Saxony science fair competition sponsored by Jugend forscht (Youth Research) e. V. The organization promotes math, computer sciences, natural sciences and technology for students ages 15-21, using a combination of education, support programs and regional and state competitions.

Nele will join other finalists in the physics category at the national finals from May 26-29, 2022, at Lübeck in Northern Germany.

Using an HR4Pro spectrometer, Nele measured the irradiance spectra and colors of self-mixed LED phosphors. Her presentation examines how the spectral output of broadband white LEDs can vary by color temperature and other parameters.

HR4 Pro setup_HERO_3200x1800.jpg

Congratulations to Nele, her teachers, and research advisors, and good luck at the national event! Follow us on social media as we track Nele’s adventure.

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Irradiance is the amount of energy emitted at each wavelength from a radiant sample such as an LED, a laser or the sun. From that data, more specific intensity values can be calculated.