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A Conversation with Lora Allemeier

Lora Allemeier became President of Ocean Optics in October 2015, after a long and distinguished career in the biomedical sector. During her tenure, Ocean has boosted its technical, strategic marketing and operations capabilities, and consolidated the offerings of multispectral sensing companies PIXELTEQ and FluxData into the Ocean product and technology portfolio.

Now, as the company rebrands itself as Ocean Insight, Allemeier discusses the road ahead:

Q: This is a very exciting time for the company. Tell us about the journey from Ocean Optics to Ocean Insight, and what that evolution means for customers.

LA: Ocean has always been about applying, developing and using new optical sensing technologies in unexpected ways to help solve problems. We are continuing the mission that was developed from the earliest days.

Q: As Ocean Optics, the company has been an important force in miniature spectroscopy for several decades, building a great legacy in the process. Why rebrand now?

LA: For me, Ocean is not only a spectroscopy company … it’s much more than a spectroscopy company. If you think of Ocean as an ecosystem, the company has continuously evolved over its lifetime. And where we are today is at another point in the evolution. Now, what we do for customers is all about using spectral data and leveraging that data into knowledge, providing answers that can bring people together.

Q: A big part of the Ocean Insight mission is to help customers “end guessing.” What does that mean? How will Ocean Insight help deliver meaningful insights to customers?

LA: People are seeking ways to navigate a complex world, to find clarity and act accordingly. Our mission is to use what we call “Applied Spectral Knowledge” to equip humanity with the technology and data to make precisely informed decisions for advancement in safety, health and the environment.

Applied Spectral Knowledge is a powerful combination of spectral hardware, software and machine learning tools. With these mechanisms, we can bring to our customers advanced capabilities and deliver solutions to some of the most pressing problems of our time.

Q: What should customers, both new and existing, expect from Ocean Insight and its people?

LA: Ocean Insight will be developed in a way that allows us to continue to deliver to our academic and research customers the new tools, software and service capabilities that inspire them to use our products and to expand their capabilities within their laboratories.

Also, we will expand our solutions support for industrial customers, enhancing those areas that require custom engineering support and new products, systems and solutions to be effective going forward.

Q: Ocean Insight encourages and supports in-house ventures that take on big problems by delivering powerful insights. How are these ventures progressing?

LA: With Ocean Ventures, we are developing and investing in optical sensing technologies that delight customers across end-user markets in unexpected ways. Its purpose is to foster a culture and grow the pipeline that allows intrapreneurial ideas and innovation to flourish. One such venture, Wave Illumination, has already developed a handheld tool to help architects design healthier lit environments and growers to manage artificial lighting in greenhouses.

Q: What excites you most about the future for Ocean Insight?

LA: We’ve always been committed to pure scientific research. Much of the work our partners have done has had profound impacts on human progress. Much of the work we do also solves challenges in the context of industry and commerce. With Ocean Insight, we’re expanding rather than shifting focus. We recognize that the future is one in which industries and applications will need robust tools to answer huge questions. We’re excited that Ocean Insight will help create understanding within far more categories than ever.

Q: Any final thoughts?

LA: I’d like to thank our team members around the world who have been part of the Ocean journey over the last 30 years, and to our customers who have been with us on that journey. As Ocean Insight, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers globally for years to come.


*Banner photo credit: Chris Ratcliffe

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