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We've got you covered. What is stopping you from filling your lab with great tech? You can only "fall" in love with free laptop, or dramatically discounted options for mid-IR spectroscopy, or one of our programmable LED modules.

Purchasing an Ocean Insight spectrometer and accessories priced at 7,500 USD/6500 EUR/5500 GBP or greater will get you a powerful new laptop for free! Yes, a laptop at no extra charge.

When you purchase a LDC + LSM you will receive a 15% discount. For each additional LSM module purchased we are offering a 30% discount (up to 2 wavelengths).

Enjoy the benefits of FTIR performance without the cost. Authenticate edible oils, identify adulterated alcohols and monitor oil degradation with the Ocean MZ5 mid-IR spectrometer.

When you purchase a NeoFox sensor system, oxygen probes and accessories you will receive a 20% discount. Offer available until 31 Dec 2019.

Ocean Insight reserves the right to change the terms or conditions of any discount promo at any time, for any reason, without prior written notice. Terms, conditions and participation may vary by geographic location. Customers outside the U.S., please contact your Ocean Insight country representative or distributor for details.

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