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SeaBreezeWrapper Class Reference

#include <SeaBreezeWrapper.h>

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Public Member Functions

int openSpectrometer (int index, int *errorCode)
int closeSpectrometer (int index, int *errorCode)
int getModel (int index, int *errorCode, char *buf, int len)
int getSerialNumber (int index, int *errorCode, char *buf, int len)
void setIntegrationTimeMicrosec (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned long integration_time_micros)
int getWavelengths (int index, int *errorCode, double *wavelengths, int length)
int getFormattedSpectrum (int index, int *errorCode, double *buffer, int buffer_length)
int getUnformattedSpectrum (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned char *buffer, int buffer_length)
int getFormattedSpectrumLength (int index, int *errorCode)
int getUnformattedSpectrumLength (int index, int *errorCode)
long getMinIntegrationTimeMicrosec (int index, int *errorCode)
long getMaxIntegrationTimeMicrosec (int index, int *errorCode)
int getMaximumIntensity (int index, int *errorCode)
int getElectricDarkPixelIndices (int index, int *errorCode, int *indices, int length)
void setTriggerMode (int index, int *errorCode, int mode)
void setStrobeEnable (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned char strobe_enable)
void setShutterOpen (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned char opened)
void setContinuousStrobePeriodMicrosec (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned short strobe_id, unsigned long period_usec)
void setAcquisitionDelayMicrosec (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned long delay_usec)
void clearBuffer (int index, int *errorCode)
unsigned long getBufferElementCount (int index, int *errorCode)
unsigned long getBufferCapacity (int index, int *errorCode)
unsigned long getBufferCapacityMaximum (int index, int *errorCode)
unsigned long getBufferCapacityMinimum (int index, int *errorCode)
void setBufferCapacity (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned long capacity)
int readEEPROMSlot (int index, int *errorCode, int slot_number, unsigned char *buffer, int buffer_length)
int writeEEPROMSlot (int index, int *errorCode, int slot_number, unsigned char *buffer, int buffer_length)
int readIrradCalibration (int index, int *errorCode, float *buffer, int buffer_length)
int writeIrradCalibration (int index, int *errorCode, float *buffer, int buffer_length)
int hasIrradCollectionArea (int index, int *errorCode)
float readIrradCollectionArea (int index, int *errorCode)
void writeIrradCollectionArea (int index, int *errorCode, float area)
double readTECTemperature (int index, int *errorCode)
void setTECTemperature (int index, int *errorCode, double temperature_degrees_celsius)
void setTECEnable (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned char tec_enable)
void setTECFanEnable (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned char tec_fan_enable)
void setVerbose (bool flag)
void setLogfile (char *path, int length)
int getAPIVersionString (char *buffer, int length)
int getErrorString (int errorCode, char *buffer, int buffer_length)
int writeUSB (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned char endpoint, unsigned char *buffer, unsigned int length)
int readUSB (int index, int *errorCode, unsigned char endpoint, unsigned char *buffer, unsigned int length)
int getUSBDescriptorString (int index, int *errorCode, int id, unsigned char *buffer, int length)
int getLightSourceCount (int index, int *errorCode)
void setLightSourceEnable (int index, int *errorCode, int lightIndex, unsigned char enable)
void setLightSourceIntensity (int index, int *errorCode, int lightIndex, double intensity)

Static Public Member Functions

static SeaBreezeWrappergetInstance ()
 get handle to Singleton
static void shutdown ()
 free some static memory under Microsoft profiler

Detailed Description

Original interface to SeaBreeze. SeaBreezeAPI represents a proposed architecture for future development.

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