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Ocean: Research

Ocean Optics Spectrometer Technology

Nearly three decades ago, Ocean Optics launched the first miniature spectrometer and pioneered the concept of bringing the instrument to the sample.

Inspiring Life-changing Discovery

Now, as Ocean Insight, we’ve expanded our optical sensing technology portfolio and added the sensing tools, application support and service that enable confident experimentation and breakthrough discovery anywhere, anytime.

Turning Questions into Breakthrough Discoveries

Ocean Insight partners with researchers to ask the what-if  questions that advance us toward a safer, cleaner and healthier world. Our goal is to make your research a success.

Science and Discovery in Action

What if ...researchers make cataract diagnosis and treatment faster and more effective?

What if ...butterflies helped a student understand more about nature?

What if ...introducing spectroscopy in high-school courses inspires the next generation of scientists?

I enjoy seeing the tremendous amount of growth my physics students exhibit during the year. They all increase their abilities in many ways that will assist them in whatever career they choose.

Dan Burns - Los Gatos High School, California, USA

Inspiring Confidence with Service and Support

Ocean Insight offers the products and know-how to navigate a complex world, backed by the service and support to make your research a success. Our service and support structure encourages information-sharing and collaboration throughout the partnership.

  • Applied Spectral Knowledge – in-house expertise and consultation 
  • Global Sales and Support – robust support structure across the U.S., Europe, India and China
  • Calibration Services – certified spectrometer wavelength calibration or radiometric calibration
  • Online Support – library of FAQs, instruction guides and how-to videos 
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