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Color Measurement

color measurement

Color occurs when light is perceived by the human eye. Color reflected from, or emitted by samples can be measured using basic color meters or more robust spectral devices for more detailed analysis.

Accurate color measurement depends on the sample, on calibrating the setup for the illuminant and detector being used, and on subjective human perception. Also, measurement geometry is critical to ensure consistent results and compliance with standards. Managing each element involves subtleties that are critical for producing accurate, repeatable results.

Explosion of rainbow colors on a black background


Advantages of Color Measurement

  • Spectral measurement is far more sophisticated than visual inspection
  • Data acquired can be used to calculate multiple color parameters
  • Non-contact: Measurements can be taken at a distance, preventing damage to the sample and providing flexibility
  • Parameters such as brightness, power output and color can be measured simultaneously

Reflected Color

A general-purpose spectrometer like the Ocean HDX is a good choice for color measurements, although several options – including the super-fast Ocean FX and the robust FD-D8R color inspection system – are well suited for industrial use. Complete your system with an application-appropriate combination of light source, sampling optics, reflection standards and operating software.


Emissive Color

When measuring the color output of an LED, digital display or other emissive source, you’ll need sampling optics like an integrating sphere to collect the emitted light from sample and route it to the spectrometer. Also, you’ll need to calibrate the spectrometer to have an accurate scale for the spectrometer response at each wavelength.Emissive Color.png

The FD-D8R is a robust, non-contact, real-time spectrophotometer designed for use in industrial applications. Integrated system eliminates need for optical fibers in online setups. Download Product Sheet to learn more!

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