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Multispectral Imaging

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Multispectral imaging (MSI) involves capturing images of a scene or object over multiple discrete wavelength bands and extracting spectral content from that data.

By leveraging known spectral absorption or emission features to identify materials, multispectral sensing can be used for everything from assessing crop yield and quality to helping clinicians assess the wounds of burn victims.

Advantages of Multispectral Imaging

  • Powerful detection: MSI allows us to “see” beyond the limitations of the human eye, using spectral imaging to capture valuable information across the photonic spectrum
  • Flexible setup:Multispectral devices can be optimized for specific applications and wavelengths and integrated into other optical measurement systems
  • Adaptable technique: Unlike hyperspectral sensing, MSI uses a smaller footprint instrument, provides answers more quickly, and can be configured for only the wavelengths of greatest interest
  • Application versatility: Systems can be customized for applications in biomedical and life sciences, food and agriculture, aerospace and defense, and art and cultural heritage
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The FD-D8R is a robust, non-contact, real-time spectrophotometer designed for use in industrial applications. Integrated system eliminates need for optical fibers in online setups. Download Product Sheet to learn more!

SpectroCam is a compact, versatile multispectral imaging system that simplifies testing and experimentation, to optimize setups for imaging applications. Download Product Sheet to learn more!

Our non-invasive imaging technology has the potential to make burn diagnosis earlier, with higher accuracy. This could reduce diagnosis errors, reduce hospital stays, and even allow non-burn experts such as emergency room physicians to make better triage decisions.

Brian McCall, System Team Lead, - Spectral MD

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