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New High Performance Spectrometers

Our newest Ocean Optics spectrometers – the Ocean SR and Ocean HR series -- offer high resolution, high speed spectral acquisition and excellent signal-to-noise ratio performance to meet UV-Vis-NIR application needs.

In addition to restoring the iconic Ocean Optics brand of compact spectrometers, we have added two new families of spectrometers, with different models and wavelength-range options within each family. The result? You now enjoy a wider range of higher-performing spectrometers to meet your application needs.

In the tables below, we offer an overview of key characteristics for each spectrometer, with example applications for context. For assistance selecting the best spectrometer for your application, we highly recommend consulting an Ocean Optics Application Scientist.

Also, all Ocean Optics spectrometers now include OceanDirect, a powerful, cross-platform Software Developers Kit with an Application Programming Interface. OceanDirect enables High Speed Averaging Mode (HSAM), a hardware-accelerated signal averaging tool that dramatically enhances SNR per unit time. This promotes higher quality spectra and more accurate results.

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Ocean SR Series Spectrometers at a Glance

Ocean SR series spectrometers are multiuse devices characterized by their speed and versatility. Each product line offers different performance strengths, which you can use to optimize setups for your specific measurement requirements: Ocean SR2 for speed and SNR, Ocean SR4 for high resolution, and Ocean SR6 for high sensitivity.  

  SR2  SR4 SR6
Key features:

High-speed spectral acquisition

Remarkable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance

Low stray light

High optical resolution (FWHM) 

Robust electronics platform

Low stray light

High sensitivity

Great UV response

Excellent thermal stability
Active detector elements: 2048 3648 2048
Integration time:

1 µs-2 s

3.8 ms-10 s

7.2 ms-5 s

Optical resolution w/25 µm slit (FWHM)*: 0.43-2.0 nm 0.60-2.03 nm 0.5-2.0 nm
SNR (maximum per second w/High Speed Averaging Mode):




Thermal wavelength stability:

0.05 pixels/° C

0.05 pixels/° C

0.03 pixels/° C

Example applications:

High light level measurements including LED/laser characterization

Applications requiring balanced, broadband spectral response

Identification of atomic emission lines 

Plasma monitoring


UV absorbance of proteins and biomolecules 

UV plasma monitoring

Fluorescence of chemical samples

*Optical resolution is provided for a spectrometer with a 25 µm slit and the range of grating configurations available within that model family (SR2, SR4, SR6). 

Ocean HR Series Spectrometers at a Glance

Ocean HR series spectrometers are high-resolution devices characterized by their spectral acquisition speed and thermal wavelength stability. Each product line offers slightly different performance strengths, which you can use to optimize setups for your specific measurement requirements: HR2 for speed and SNR and HR4 for highest optical resolution performance.

  HR2 HR4
Key features:

Rapid acquisition speed and high resolution

High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance

Highest optical resolution (FWHM)

Robust electronics platform

Active detector elements: 2048 3648
Integration time:

1 μs-5 s 

3.8 ms-10 s

Optical resolution w/25 µm slit (FWHM)*:

0.14-1.18 nm 

0.13-1.20 nm

SNR (per second w/High Speed Averaging Mode)



Thermal wavelength stability:

<0.06 pixels/° C

<0.08 pixels/° C

Example applications:

Identification of atomic emission lines 

Absorbance of pharma formulations

Optical emission spectroscopy applications including plasma monitoring 

Laser characterization


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