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NIR Spectrometers: More Options, Better Performance

NIR Family Spectrometer

Ocean Insight offers NIR spectrometers that meet price and performance criteria at every level. Find the right model for your application.

Explore Our NIR Spectrometers

  NIRQuest+ NanoQuest Flame-NIR+
Type: InGaAs array (cooled)

FT-IR device w/Michelson interferometer on a MEMS-based chip

InGaAs array (uncooled)
Wavelength range: 900-2500 nm 1350-2500 nm 970-1700 nm

NIRQuest+1.7 (900-1700 nm w/25 µm slit)

NANOQ-2.5 (1350-2500 nm w/8.0 or 16.0 nm FWHM optical resolution)

FLAME-NIR+ (970-1700 nm w/25 µm slit)

NIRQuest+2.2 (900-2200 nm w/25 µm slit)

NIRQuest+2.5 (900-2500 nm w/25 µm slit)

Key features: Enhanced optical bench and aperture design

Ultra-compact footprint; wider spectral range than most shortwave IR instrumentation

Low power consumption; small footprint, replaceable slits; high sensitivity
Benefits: Higher sensitivity and lower limits of detection (LOD)

IR analysis attainable to integrators seeking affordable alternative to most instruments

Easily integrated into handheld or portable instrumentation
Compatibility with accessories: Yes

Yes; also available are special 400 µm fiber (included w/purchase) and reflection probe (optional)

Best for: Diffuse reflection measurements, low LOD absorbance measurements High-volume applications requiring an affordable, scalable unit Applications requiring a small-footprint, lower cost instrument w/low unit-to-unit variability

Moisture content of fruits and grains; plastics recycling; chemical concentration measurements

Product authentication; food characterization; chemical composition of biological samples

Identification of pharma ingredients; monitoring of hydrocarbon extraction; fat content of edible oils; remote sensing

Quick tip: Can be optimized for integration into your device or process; use Ocean Lab Services to test feasibility

Not recommended for high resolution needs (e.g., laser characterization) or low light level applications

Can be purchased as part of a bundled system for diffuse reflectance measurements

Price:  $$$$ $$ $$$


Download Guide to Modular NIR Spectrometers


Options available

High-sensitivity NIR spectrometers for applications within the 900-1700 nm, 900-2200 nm and 900-2500 nm wavelength ranges

From $17,098.00

Holding your sample and reference in a very precise and repeatable fashion is critical to success of your NIR measurements.

Troy McKay - Senior Systems Engineer

Options available

NanoQuest MEMS-based Spectral Sensor (1350-2500 nm)

From $5,999.00

Options available

Robust preconfigured spectrometer for Shortwave NIR (970-1700nm) measurements

From $7,782.00

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