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NIR Spectrometers: More Options, Better Performance

Ocean Insight offers NIR spectrometers that meet price and performance criteria at every level. Find the right model for your application.

Explore Our NIR Spectrometers

  NIRQuest+ NanoQuest Flame-NIR
Type: InGaAs array (cooled)

FT-IR device w/Michelson interferometer on a MEMS-based chip

InGaAs array (uncooled)
Wavelength range: 900-2500 nm 1350-2500 nm 950-1650 nm

NIRQuest+1.7 (900-1700 nm w/25 µm slit)

NANOQ-2.5 (1350-2500 nm w/8.0 or 16.0 nm FWHM optical resolution) FLAME-NIR-INTSMA25 (950-1650 nm w/25 µm slit)

NIRQuest+2.2 (900-2200 nm w/25 µm slit)

NIRQuest+2.5 (900-2500 nm w/25 µm slit)

Key features: Enhanced optical bench and aperture design

Ultra-compact footprint; wider spectral range than most shortwave IR instrumentation

Low power consumption; replaceable slits; minimal unit-to-unit variability
Benefits: Higher sensitivity and lower limits of detection (LOD)

IR analysis attainable to integrators seeking affordable alternative to most instruments

Easily integrated into handheld or portable instrumentation
Compatibility with accessories: Yes

Yes; also available are special 400 µm fiber (included w/purchase) and reflection probe (optional)

Best for: Diffuse reflection measurements, low LOD absorbance measurements High-volume applications requiring an affordable, scalable unit Applications requiring a small-footprint instrument w/low unit-to-unit variability

Moisture content of fruits and grains; plastics recycling; chemical concentration measurements

Product authentication; food characterization; chemical composition of biological samples

Identification of pharma ingredients; monitoring of hydrocarbon extraction; fat content of edible oils

Quick tip: Can be optimized for integration into your device or process; use Ocean Lab Services to test feasibility

Not recommended for high resolution needs (e.g., laser characterization) or low light level applications

Can be purchased as part of a bundled system for diffuse reflectance measurements

Price:  $$$$ $$ $$$


Download Guide to Modular NIR Spectrometers


Options available

High-sensitivity NIR spectrometers for applications within the 900-1700 nm, 900-2200 nm and 900-2500 nm wavelength ranges

From $17,098.00

Holding your sample and reference in a very precise and repeatable fashion is critical to success of your NIR measurements.

Troy McKay - Senior Systems Engineer

Options available

NanoQuest MEMS-based Spectral Sensor (1350-2500 nm)

From $5,999.00

Options available

Robust preconfigured spectrometer for Shortwave NIR (950-1650 nm) measurements

From $7,782.00

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