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Ocean: Ventures

Ocean Insight Ventures Technology

Ocean: Ventures is an internal Ocean Insight structure that promotes in-house enterprises with the support to take on big problems that promote a safer, cleaner, healthier world.

Paving the Way for New Enterprises 

The purpose of Ocean: Ventures is to foster a culture and grow the pipeline that allows intrapreneurial ideas and innovation to flourish. Ocean Insight customers benefit in two ways:

  • By having access to fully realized, end-user solutions 
  • By tapping into a creative, dynamic and collaborative environment 

Unlocking the Value of Light

Wave Illumination ( is the first venture to evolve out of Ocean Insight. Its mission is to unlock the value of light in the built environment via devices like WaveGo, a handheld tool for characterizing light. Better understanding and control of lighting has benefits ranging from improving our well-being in lit environments to managing artificial lighting in greenhouse operations.

Wave Go

WaveGo is a handheld device that pairs with the user’s smartphone to characterize light in buildings, museums, horticultural settings and anywhere light management is essential to health, safety and efficiency. Data can be recorded, accessed or shared via an integrated online data storage platform called WaveCloud. 

Earlier in 2019, WaveGo earned a prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 award, an international design competition that attracts thousands of entries across multiple product categories and entry types, from consumer products and jewelry to medical devices and robotics. Past award-winners include Apple, GE Healthcare and Siemens.

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