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Annie Dowgiallo

Anne-Marie Dowgiallo Senior Scientist

We are a knowledge company, where our expertise lies in measuring the interaction of matter with light, and we thrive when we produce unique solutions for our customers’ problems.

One thing I love about Ocean Insight is that every day I get to collaborate with intelligent, innovative and creative people, whether that is internally or externally with our customers.

As a member of the Ocean Lab Services team, I am often in the lab performing experiments for our customers. I am the type of scientist that never gives up, even when things do not work out the way I initially planned. These types of situations are valuable learning experiences and motivate me to try something new or think outside the box. This character trait is not unique to me—it is how our organization functions, and I believe our customers see this and appreciate all the effort we take to produce custom solutions for them.

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Through Applied Spectral Knowledge, our goal is to enable YOU to do things, to make measurements that once seemed impossible.