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Henry Langston

Henry Langston Chief Commercial Officer

Light is powerful. Whether it's on a ship at sea or in a lab or on a process line, light is an incredible tool for answering questions about the world around us.

Big question…why are we here? Why are you here?

That’s the big question for sure. Well, the world is changing around us. Everything is getting a little bit more chaotic all the time. As a company, I believe we deeply hold that progress ought to be thoughtful and positive for the society that we are a part of. I think that that's really what motivates us as a culture and as a team. I studied aerospace engineering and I thought long and hard about getting up every morning and designing cruise missiles, and that's not something that I wanted to do. Being part of a team that is inspired and motivated by creating positive change makes my days meaningful. It’s a big, pressing challenge.


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We are here to make optical sensing “gettable” by providing simple, clear answers.