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Linda Bai Director of Finance - APAC

Our technology is amazing to me. Spectroscopy can be used in many areas and applications, such as food analysis and drug detection. These efforts will drive us forward.

It’s been nine years since I started to work at Ocean Insight,  and it’s been a wonderful journey growing up with the company.

Finance people should be involved in every aspect of business performance. They should know our products, markets, sales channels, industry segments and applications. There is a learning curve at the beginning, but that knowledge eventually benefits the team and customers to better understand our business scope and control each process in a reasonable way.

Knowing about the requirements of our customers and finding new opportunities are most important. Visiting customers is like planting a seed. By introducing our optical measurement and spectroscopy solutions worldwide, that seed will grow and soon the flowers will bloom.

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Using ASK (Applied Spectral Knowledge) we want to enable YOU to do things, make measurements that seemed initially impossible.