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Dr. Michael Edwards President

Organizations are fueled by people, and if you're not constantly changing the organization, giving people new challenges, and challenging them to go beyond what they think they can do, organizations can become complacent and become stagnant.

The thing that's been surprising is just the resiliency of the people within the business and their commitment to Ocean Insight. Even when things seem to be tough, we get people aligned to what needs to be done and then the business just performs. I was expecting to have dedicated employees, but I was not expecting to have the level of dedication, the level of resiliency that we have. Our employees bleed Ocean orange – I’m convinced of it.

Read the latest interview with Dr. Michael Edwards, a reflection on his first year as the President of Ocean Insight.

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Using ASK (Applied Spectral Knowledge) we want to enable YOU to do things, make measurements that seemed initially impossible.

New Facility in Orlando - Opening Ceremony

On February 24, 2021, Ocean Insight President Michael Edwards and employees welcomed political and business leaders to our facility for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Dr. Michael Edwards became president of Ocean Insight in July 2020. Read an interview from September 2020 as he shares his thoughts on topics from embracing the company mission to understanding customer needs.

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