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Tracey Jones

Tracey Jones Senior Graphic Designer

I love sharing our customers' stories.

When we bring our customers’ stories into the light, it helps to inspire the brilliance in others too and influence change to our world in new and innovative ways.

Every day at Ocean Insight we have the privilege of learning new ways that you, our partners in spectroscopy, are using our products and spectral knowledge to discover new innovative ways of unlocking the unknown. The Spectroscopy Star video competition has created an opportunity to bring those stories to the world, to inspire and highlight how our customers are using applied spectral knowledge to change the world for the better.

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Using ASK (Applied Spectral Knowledge) we want to enable YOU to do things, make measurements that seemed initially impossible.

Science and Discovery in Action

Go behind the scenes at the Georgia Aquarium

We value partnership with researchers asking the “what-if” questions that advance us toward a safer, cleaner, healthier world.

Discovering the Secret Life of Butterflies

Watch the story of a young student and her interest in butterflies. leading to better understanding of the natural world.

Using Spectroscopy to Inspire the Next Generation of Scientists

Step inside an AP Physics Class at Los Gatos High School with Mr. Burns, science teacher, educator and mentor to young scientists

Ghent University - Belgium

Learn how Ocean Insight equipment is part of research efforts to make cataract diagnosis and treatment faster and more effective to reduce preventable blindness worldwide

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