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Analytica and ACS 2020 Update

Absorbance Setup with HDX

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Analytica has been postponed until October 2020, while the ACS National Meeting & Expo has been cancelled. Additional changes to our show schedule may be forthcoming.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect our customers and colleagues around the world, we have encountered some disruption to our March 2020 trade show schedule.

Analytica 2020, originally scheduled for this month in Munich, Germany, has been postponed until October 19-22. Also, SPIE Photonics Europe, scheduled to begin March 29, has been postponed indefinitely. These postponements were decided by the show organizers, conference center officials, and local authorities.

In the U.S., the ACS National Meeting & Expo has been cancelled, per a March 9, 2020 announcement from the ACS. 

We will keep you posted as further developments arise.

New Products

While you won't be able to see new Ocean Insight products in action at March 2020 trade shows, you can still browse our latest offerings here:

  • NanoQuest is a MEMS-based FT-IR spectral sensor for materials analysis. This wide-range system covers 1350-2500 nm (7400-4000 cm-1).

  • An extended-wavelength range option for the Ocean HDX spectrometer is now available. The high-performance Ocean HDX-XR covers 200-1100 nm.
Software Hero Image
  • New software options include a smoother, more robust version of OceanView spectroscopy software and a powerful machine learning tool, Ocean Intelligencethat turns complex spectral data sets into the answers customers need.

  • The QE Pro-Raman+ is an extra-high sensitivity, back-thinned CCD array spectrometer for low light level applications.

Also Featured: Spectrometer Kit for Educators

Ocean Insight has equipped teaching labs everywhere with compact, robust spectrometers and accessories. 

The EDU-STS-VIS-PACK is a packaged setup comprising an illuminated cuvette holder and the ideal combination of accessories and software to help bring the excitement of spectroscopy to STEM labs everywhere. Take advantage of this kit to demonstrate principles of spectroscopy through absorbance, transmission, fluorescence, emission and pH measurements.

What's more, if you purchase an EDU-STS-VIS-PACK online before March 31, 2020, shipping is free!