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Part Number: MPM-2000-UV-VIS400-2X8

Lead Time: 2 weeks

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Product Details

The MPM fiber optic multiplexer takes light to or from an Ocean Insight spectrometer and a light source connected to one of the multiplexer’s input ports and distributes it to either 8 or 16 outputs. The light is distributed through the output ports in sequential order, with switching times between channels of less than 150 milliseconds.

Multiplexers are available in UV-Vis and Vis-NIR versions and are ideal for process and other environments where multiple locations need to be measured with a single spectrometer channel or light source.

Product Overview

  • Convenient multiplexing – up to 16 outputs for routing light to/from light sources and spectrometers

  • Rapid channel switching – switching times <150 ms between channels

  • Simple operation – includes RS-232 plus software control of system calibration and switching sequencing

Engineering Specifications MPM-2000 Optical Multiplexer
Dimensions: 400 mm x 170 mm x 130 mm (600 µm version)
200 mm x 170 mm x 130 mm (400 µm version)
Wavelength range: UV-Vis (250-800 nm)
Vis-NIR (350-2000 nm)
Optical fiber connectors: SMA 905
Optical throughput: >60% when using 400 µm fibers @ 650 nm
Motor: Direct-current
Repeatability: >99%
Switching time: 150 ms between adjacent positions
Interface: RS-232
Power requirement: 24 VDC, 1.2 A (power supply included)
Item Input-Output Channels Wavelength Range Fiber Diameter
MPM-2000-UV-VIS400-1X16 1 x 16 UV-Vis 400 µm
MPM-2000-UV-VIS400-2X8 2 x 8 UV-Vis 400 µm
MPM-2000-VIS400-1X16 1 x 16 Vis-NIR 400 µm
MPM-2000-VIS400-2X8 2 x 8 Vis-NIR 400 µm
MPM-2000-UV-VIS600-1X16 1 x 16 UV-Vis 600 µm
MPM-2000-UV-VIS600-2X8 2 x 8 UV-Vis 600 µm
MPM-2000-VIS600-1X16 1 x 16 Vis-NIR 600 µm
MPM-2000-VIS600-2X8 2 x 8 Vis-NIR 600 µm