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LIBS Fiber Bundles

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Ocean Insight makes available spectrometers and fiber bundles you can use to configure a modular LIBS system. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy provides broadband elemental analysis from 200-980 nm.

LIBS fiber bundles use large core diameter fibers with UV-SR response (200-1100 nm) and can be configured according to the number of spectrometer channels in your LIBS setup.


  • Fiber type -- bundles comprise UV-SR (200-1100 nm) fibers
  • Connector -- SMA 905 for easy coupling to spectrometers 
  • Fiber protection -- bundles come with safety wrap 
  • Jacketing -- blue PVDF zip tube 


Subject to change depending on model type


Fiber Core Size:
600 µm
PVDF zip tube
2 m
Wavelength Range:
300nm - 1.1μm
Buffer Materials:
Cladding OD:
30 µm
Cladding OD Tolerance:
± 3 µm
SMA 905
Fiber Core Size Tolerance:
± 10 μm
Fiber Legs:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Long Term Bend Radius:
24 cm
Maximum OD:
720 µm
Primary Buffer OD:
25 µm
Primary Buffer OD Tolerance:
± 10 µm
Short Term Bend Radius:
12 cm


Operating Temperature:
-65 to 300 °C