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  • QP230-2-XSR Patch Cords

Extreme Solarization Resistant Optical Fibers

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Product Details

Our premium-grade optical fiber assemblies are durable, high-quality patch cords that deliver uniform results with minimal signal variance. Premium-grade patch cords act as both illumination and read fibers and connect easily to Ocean Insight spectrometers, light sources and sampling accessories.

UV radiation <300 nm degrades signal transmission in standard silica fibers, resulting in solarization (increased light absorption in the UV that can invalidate measurements). Solarization-resistant fiber assemblies use polyimide or aluminum buffers that mitigate the effects of UV degradation.


Product Overview

  • Resistance to UV effects -- polyimide or aluminum buffers mitigate UV transmission degradation
  • Jacketing options -- stainless steel BX
  • Variety -- assemblies available in different core diameters and lengths; custom options also available
  • Convenient handling -- precision SMA 905 connectors with extra-long knurled ferrules for easy manipulation
  • Robust -- great for field and industrial use, or other rough handling environments

Need to know more about how our fibers work, and their properties? We’ve compiled some useful information to save you time and ensure you choose the right fiber type for your application.

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Attenuation Curve for XSR Fiber

Attentuation curve XSR fiber.jpg


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Wavelength Range:
180nm - 800nm
Fiber Core Size:
115 µm
230 µm
450 µm
600 µm
.25 m
1 m
2 m
Stainless steel BX
Buffer Materials:
Cladding OD:
125 µm
250 µm
500 µm
660 µm
Cladding OD Tolerance:
± 13 µm
± 25 µm
± 33 µm
± 6 µm
SMA 905
Fiber Core Size Tolerance:
± 12 μm
± 22 μm
± 30 μm
± 6 μm
Full Angle:
Long Term Bend Radius:
24 cm
4 cm
8 cm
Maximum OD:
1300 µm
1700 µm
230 µm
380 µm
Maximum OD Tolerance:
± 100 µm
± 20 µm
± 200 µm
Maximum Temperature:
80 °C
Numerical Aperture:
Primary Buffer OD:
150 µm
300 µm
580 µm
800 µm
Primary Buffer OD Tolerance:
± 5 µm
Short Term Bend Radius:
12 cm
2 cm
4 cm

Measurement techniques


app note: quantifying protein concentration

app note: spectroscopy of sports drinks

app note: transmission characteristics of sunglasses