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Visible-NIR Fiber Splitters

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Splitters can split or mix light using a Y-configuration and connect easily to spectrometers and accessories.

Splitters mix light from two different locations and deliver it through a single fiber to a spectrometer or sample. This is useful when combining output from two different light sources, or to mix light collected from two different sampling points before delivery to a spectrometer.


  • Splitter assembly -- comprises three fibers – two fiber legs on one side that overlap inside a junction with a third fiber at the common end
  • Fiber types -- fiber type (by transmission efficiency) used in each leg is the same, but custom assemblies can be requested
  • Wavelength options -- UV-Visible (300-1100 nm) and Visible-NIR (400-2100 nm) 



Subject to change depending on model type


Fiber Core Size:
200 µm, 400 µm
PVDF zip tube
2 m
Wavelength Range:
400nm - 2.1μm
Buffer Materials:
Cladding OD:
10 µm, 20 µm
Cladding OD Tolerance:
± 3 µm, ± 5 µm
SMA 905
Fiber Core Size Tolerance:
± 4 μm, ± 8 μm
Long Term Bend Radius:
16 cm, 8 cm
Maximum OD:
243 µm, 487 µm
Primary Buffer OD:
10 µm, 20 µm
Primary Buffer OD Tolerance:
± 7 µm, ± 5 µm
Short Term Bend Radius:
4 cm, 8 cm


Operating Temperature:
-65 to 300 °C