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Extreme Solarization Resistant VFTs

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Ocean Insight offers vacuum feedthrough (VFT) accessories for vacuum chamber applications such as semiconductor processing. VFTs include bolt-style feedthroughs with an O-ring, and feedthroughs mounted in conflat and ISO KF industrial-grade flanges. All have in-vacuum and in-air side male SMA 905 connectors for coupling to optical fibers.




  • Flange style -- conflat options for mounting to an existing vacuum chamber port
  • XSR version -- designed for use with extreme solarization-resistant fibers (180-800 nm)



Subject to change depending on model type


Fiber Core Size:
115 µm, 230 µm, 450 µm, 600 µm
Wavelength Range:
180nm - 800nm
SMA 905
Surgical-grade stainless steel fiber feedthrough welded into industry standard flange
Feed-through Type:
1.33″ OD Conflat
Maximum Temperature:
300 °C
Vacuum Rating:
10¯¹° Torr