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Part Number: RIP-RPB-785-SMA-SMA

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Product Details

Raman probes consist of a fiber bundle to route excitation light from the laser to the sample and collect Raman scattered light. Light at the laser wavelength (Rayleigh scattering) is rejected on the path to the spectrometer using a dichroic filter to avoid saturating the detector.

Several versatile Raman probes are available for lab applications. Excitation wavelengths include 532, 638, 785 and 1064 nm, and both FC and SMA 905 probe terminations are available.

Product Overview

  • Versatile – options for wide range of Raman spectroscopy laboratory applications
  • High performance – strong signal collection and high OD laser line filtering
  • Safety shutter options – manual safety shutter included with some models
  • Deep laser line blocking – OD 6-8 attenuation of the Rayleigh line with some models


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Excitation Wavelengths:
785 nm
Probe Diameter:
9.5 mm
Probe Length:
107 mm
Spectral Range:
300 – 3900 cm-1 
Working Distance:
7.5 mm (standard)
Built-In Safety Shutter:
SMA 905
Fiber Configuration:
Excitation and collection fibers
0.22 NA
Fiber Length:
1.5 m
Laser Line Blocking:
OD 6
Sampling Head:
Anodized aluminum