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Product Details

A reflection/backscatter probe is a compact, versatile sampling option to measure diffuse and specular reflectance or backscatter from samples as varied as solids, solutions, and powders. Reflection and backscatter measurements can provide quantitative information on the chemical composition of a sample.

Product Overview

  • Reflection probe -- designed to optimize NanoQuest performance for reflection measurements 
  • General purpose -- ideal for diffuse or specular reflectance for solids
  • Visible-NIR fibers -- probe assembly comprises low OH Visible-NIR fibers
  • Probe design -- 6-around-1 fiber bundle design, with 6-fiber leg connecting to light source and single-fiber leg connecting to the FC/PC connector on the NanoQuest



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Wavelength Range:
400nm - 2.5μm
Fiber Core Size:
600 µm
2 m
Silicone-coated steel monocoil
Probe Ferrule Diameter:
6.35 mm (1/4″)
Midway point of assembly at 1 meter
Buffer Materials:
Cladding OD:
30 µm
Cladding OD Tolerance:
± 3 µm
SMA 905 and FC/PC
Fiber Core Size Tolerance:
± 10 μm
Long Term Bend Radius:
24 cm
Maximum OD:
720 µm
Primary Buffer OD:
25 µm
Primary Buffer OD Tolerance:
± 10 µm
Probe Fiber Bundle:
6 illumination fibers around 1 read fiber
Short Term Bend Radius:
12 cm
Probe Ferrule Length:
76.2 mm (3″)
Probe Ferrule Material:
Stainless steel


Operating Temperature:
-65 to 300 °C