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SWIR Camera Systems

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The Ocean Insight Intelligent SWIR Camera System captures and stores of shortwave infrared video/images. Its powerful onboard processor and extensive connectivity options make it an ideal hub for real-time data collection and analysis for both autonomous decision-making and assisting human operators in a wide range of defense and industrial applications.

The Intelligent SWIR Camera System provides developers with a small, lightweight and powerful platform built on the TI DM3730 digital media processor running under Linux to provide a fully customizable experience.


  • Processor -- onboard ARM processor w/TI DSP and SGX Graphics Accelerator
  • Camera -- 640 x 512, day/night SWIR camera
  • Laser illumination options -- 850 nm, 1064 nm, 1550 nm 
  • Multispectral filtering -- customizable options for specific CON-OPS (taggants, laser designators, etc.)
  • Flexible communications -- options including Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, cellular, RS-232